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Doors, showers, stairs ...

BS16 HOTEL.jpg

Doors, showers, stairs...

Wet room doors
Made from native pear tree organic,
natural, handmade by the Bernese carpenter's studio of the place.

Rain overhead shower and an additional hand shower

Stairs / No lift
If you are undemanding and do not want to climb up to the rooms via the old, greedy staircase boards made of 2cm thick, oiled, brushed and natural oak boards, as they were 1000 years ago, you can park your car right in front of the room with its own private access,
and the room at ground level and obstruction
open-access pass...

Who is allowed to walk over such stairs does not miss the lift; of course the
Floors of the rooms carved from the same wood ...

For the ground outside and on the parking lots in front of the house, only yellow Jurassic marl has been used. The characteristics of this local natural product, which gives a natural feeling of treading, are ecological and very natural looking.

"Something's perfect when you can't leave anything out."


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