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The furniture is not treated with paint or varnish for ecological reasons. The associated natural traces of time are gently removed daily by our employees using ecological means. Through periodic maintenance, the furniture is left in its original condition by specialists in steel and wood.

Bed linen
From the local linen weaving mill
Bern. A company with over 100 years of tradition.

Sleep consciously
You talk and you try to make an effort:
to travel consciously...
living consciously...
eat consciously ...

Only rarely does anyone talk about conscious sleep! Our house has been carefully designed so that all technical amenities are available and the effects have a controlled positive effect!
That's why there are no sockets in the walls. The beds and the furniture are designed to "have" a good, restful sleep.

Specially developed for BS16 HOTEL; for the highest quality sleep!

"Perfect is something when you can't leave anything out."

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