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Breakfast / Food

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FOR BREAKFAST IN 39 SECONDS (opposite the Avec / Landi)

BREAKFAST with coffee from Starbucks from CHF 5.95 (coffee and croissants)
With the longest breakfast times: from 06:00 to 21:00.

Without registration ... Daily .....

Whenever you want ...,, from 05.30

As long as you want ... even into the afternoon .......What you want .....

And all this with exclusive Starbucks coffee ..... directly in front of the hotel

A lot of fresh products are available for you every day. The goods are delivered fresh daily / if required even hourly!
The baked goods are baked directly here on site! This guarantees that fresh products are always available at any time of the day. This large selection of fresh drinks and food exceeds every 5***** specification!

You choose and therefore only pay for what you actually consume.
Whether breakfast or brunch, whether 1 person or several persons, whether to go, standing at the bar, at a table in the room or at a table outside under trees. You decide where, when and how you enjoy your individually composed breakfast!

Fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, eggs, yoghurt, ham, salami, sausage, cheese, thon, fish, anchovies, sauces, various breads, many kinds of croissants.
Vegans and vegetarians can also eat and drink here!

It is of course also possible to buy products for daily use, such as newspapers and magazines. Also hygiene articles, like: toothpaste, Toothbrush, creams, toiletries and detergents, or sweets such as: chocolate and desserts are also on offer.

You pick up everything yourself and unpack it yourself. The hygiene chain from the production to the guest is thus not
interrupted! A 100% certainty not to be infected with the Covid19 virus!
Food that is unpacked by the guest himself and consumed without storage, preparation and processing is best protected against the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Only pay for what the guest needs and uses;
such as space, time and things!

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